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ExpressFutures.com addresses your personal investment objectives, trading style and experience with an account that fits your individualized needs. While we are known as an online futures & options trading brokerage firm, we also accept full service and broker assisted trading accounts.  Regardless of the account type that you choose, you can be assured that we will endeavor to work hard for you each and every day.

Here is a listing of the different account types. After reading the descriptions, if you think your needs are not reflected in the account types listed, feel free to call us toll free 888-769-9399 for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Commodity Brokers to find the account type that suits your needs.

Special Note:
Full Service Futures & Discount Brokerage Accounts have a $2,000 minimum!

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ONLINE FUTURES ACCOUNT: (As low as $3.75 Round-Turn)*

Online accounts are for seasoned traders who want a low cost way of executing their orders without having to talk to a broker. We will give you FREE Live Quotes on all markets, custom/interactive java charting, live futures news, live account updates, 24 hour trading, reduced margins for qualified accounts and total support with free broker backup via toll free numbers.
While we understand that not all traders fit into a neat box and do require special rates for volume and certain markets, we do invite you to contact us to discuss your needs. Please call us toll free or fill out the form below to Name Your Rates!


Best suited for veteran traders, day traders, and CTA's. Professional traders feel secure knowing that licensed brokers, not an order desk, handle their trades. Fast, reliable and courteous futures brokers.


Designed for veteran commodity traders who are looking for a low cost way of executing their orders. Like other types of accounts, orders are executed quickly with fills reported promptly. By using only licensed brokers, Express Futures can eliminate the delay caused by trading through massive, overburdened order desks. All discount accounts are expected to properly enter all orders through their broker.


Broker assisted accounts are best suited for individuals with some trading experience. Your broker will provide support for all your trading needs. We will provide real-time quotes, charts, and even teach you how to interpret fundamental trading reports and other events that affect the futures markets. Your broker will take all the time you need to fully answer any questions you may have. Express Futures brokers can help provide risk management assistance, usually with support and resistance numbers provided on a daily basis. We can also help place contingency (If Then) orders for investors that cannot follow the market on a minute by minute basis. THE USE OF STOP LOSS OR CONTINGENT ORDERS MAY NOT PROTECT PROFITS, AND MAY NOT LIMIT LOSSES TO THE AMOUNT INTENDED. CERTAIN MARKET CONDITIONS MAKE IT DIFFICULT OR IMPOSSIBLE TO EXECUTE SUCH ORDERS.
This type of account may be suitable for system traders!


Full service accounts are best suited for beginning traders with limited experience in commodity futures and options trading. Full service is recommended for any investor who can benefit from having a professional trader assist with order placement, fundamental and technical analysis, and most importantly, assist them with their risk management. With this type of account, your broker will stay in constant contact. If you need a time or price alert, just ask. This type of account is perfect for novice traders. We provide real-time alerts for 1-2-3's, head and shoulder tops and bottoms and many more candlestick patterns. With this program, you work one-on-one with a commodity futures and options broker that can assist you with a system on your own, or give recommendations on trades that meet your risk parameters. The customer always retains the final say as to whether trades are initiated.

*Connectivity charges may apply to online accounts. Please review the info sheet for each platform we offer for routing/connectivity fees.