Fast Order Execution

Fast Order Execution and Fills

Direct-Access Order Routing

Orders go directly to the electronic exchanges or filling broker in the pits. No delay. No excuses.

We’re a direct -access futures broker, which means that we send your orders directly and electronically to the various futures exchanges for execution –not to a human broker for review and approval. In fact, all of our order validation and risk screening processes are fully automated, so your orders are routed straight through to their destination without any human intervention. Fills come back via the same high-speed pipelines. The benefit of this advanced order routing technology, of course, is faster order execution and fill reporting. In many cases, market orders are executed and confirmed in just seconds.

It is important to point out that we offer fast executions and fill reports in both electronic and traditional open-outcry (pit) futures markets. Many  of our competitors, by contrast, offer access only to the electronic futures markets –they just don’t have the infrastructure or the technology to allow you to trade the open-outcry (pit) futures markets, even though some of the futures trading still takes place in the pits. In short, why select a futures broker that limits your access to markets and products when you can trade with and trade practically everything?

After I Submit My Order, Where Does It Go?

Exchange Trade Matching Systems

If you’re trading all-electronic futures products, like the E-mini futures, which trade on the Globex system—or any product listed on a totally computerized exchange, your orders will be routed directly to the appropriate trade matching platforms, where they will be executed electronically. Fill confirmations come back to you within just seconds.

Electronic Hand-Held Devices in the Trading Pits

In the case of open-outcry futures markets, we generally route your orders directly to the electronic hand held order management devices used by the filling brokers in the trading pits. These devices automatically sort the broker’s order deck and even alert the broker when it’s time to execute your order. The broker keys your fill into the device, and you’ll see it on your screen just moments later. This is true in both the open outcry futures and options pits such as the Grains and the Index Futures market like the S&P 500.

Trading Floor Desks

For those clients that wish to speak to a floor broker and place their orders directly with the filling broker in the pits, you can be given access to a phone number that rings at a desk directly outside the trading pit. These floor brokers typically ‘flash’ your order to the floor broker in the pit using hand signals. When orders are executed, the fill is given to you over the phone and your account is updated online. This type of order routing is used only in markets where electronic broker devices in the pits aren’t available.