Market Reports and Information is dedicated to providing you with the technology as well as information in futures reports to assist you in learning about recent trends in the markets as well as important technical and fundamental data. Our clients receive on a daily basis relevant reports related to the futures industry. Our clients will receive free of charge:

Daily Futures Reports: Each day clients can read the daily report put out by Hightower reports as well as Helms Reports and the Kespert Trend Spotter. This information is for the Financial markets, Agricultural markets and the Softs markets. These reports contains such useful information as Overnight Developments, Near Term Outlooks, Technical Outlooks and useful commentary.


Top Daily Trade Recommendations

Daily recommendations include new trades and updated trade information for all markets. Log in daily to see what is new.


Top Weekly Trade Recommendations

Analyst gives top trade for the week. Charts included with the analysis showing key technical formations and the basis for trade recommendations.


Mid Week Market Trend Analysis

Takes an overview of several markets from a midweek perspective. It uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to identify and project trends while at the same time identifies markets that are currently choppy or in the process of building a base. Any one trading day can create a headline in the financial press but there's truth in the old adage that "one day doesn't make a trend." From the vantage of a weekly perspective, market action and direction may be more clearly defined and trading decisions can be better informed.

News & Informative Articles

This section is a designed to teach beginners about and how to trade the futures markets. However, before you begin trading on your own, we strongly advise you to first trade with the assistance of an experienced professional commodity broker. A broker can provide you with many valuable functions to suit your choice. You may only want to have a broker try to make sure you don’t make costly errors by incorrectly initiating and exiting a trade (a common error among beginning traders).

On the other hand, you may want the broker to take a more active role: acting as a sounding board for your trades, providing his trading recommendations, reports, charts, and other helpful trading tools. Or, you may want the broker to find you a commodity trading advisor that best meets your investment goals, affordability, and suitability to professionally manage your account.

Please be advised that trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.  There are no guarantees of profit no matter who is managing your money.  An investor must read and understand the Commodity Trading Advisors current disclosure document before investing.

Exchange Brochures

We’ve assembled below a small selection of Exchange and regulatory authority brochures for you to view. These helpful resources will help you learn more about the futures market and the various futures products you can trade.



Agricultural Metric Conversion Guide (PDF)


Action in the Marketplace (PDF)


Advanced Trading Strategies for the DJIA Contract (PDF)


CBOT Dow Jones Complex Overview (PDF)


Agricultural Futures for Beginners (PDF)


A Better Tool for Managing Mortgage Risk (PDF)


Characteristics & Risks of Trading Options (PDF)


Buying Options on Futures Contracts – This pamphlet is property of NFA


Introduction to Options (PDF)


Introduction to Hedging (PDF)


Defining Investment Objectives (PDF)