Why Trade Futures?

Trade More Markets And Products With US

Why Trade Futures?

ExpressFutures.com through Vision Financial Markets gives you direct access to every U.S. futures exchange, plus access to several of the leading International Exchanges. This translates into over 200 futures products in all! You will have the opportunity to trade futures and options on currencies, stock index futures, interest rates, food/fiber/wood, energies, metals, grains and livestock/meats. From the Emini S&P 500 and Dow Jones, to the U.S. Treasury Bonds, Soybeans, Coffee, Crude Oil, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Corn, Euro Currency and the Canadian Dollar, you will be able to use our online trading platforms to trade all-electronic futures and options products, as well as those that still trade in the open-outcry trading pits.

Fast Order Execution and Fills

Direct-Access Order Routing: Orders go directly to the electronic exchanges or filling broker in the pits!
We’re a direct -access futures broker, which means that we send your orders directly and electronically to the various futures exchanges for execution –not to a human broker for review and approval. In fact, all of our order validation and risk screening processes are fully automated, so your orders are routed straight through to their destination without any human intervention. Fills come back via the same high-speed pipelines. The benefit of this advanced order routing technology, of course, is faster order execution and fill reporting. In many cases, market orders are executed and confirmed in just seconds.
It is important to point out that we offer order executions and fill reports in both electronic and traditional open-outcry (pit) futures markets. Many of our competitors, by contrast, offer access only to the electronic futures markets –they just don’t have the infrastructure or the technology to allow you to trade the open-outcry (pit) futures markets, even though some of the futures trading still takes place in the pits. In short, why select a futures broker that limits your access to markets and products when you can trade with ExpressFutures.com and trade practically everything?

24-Hour Trading Abilities

ExpressFutures.com and Vision have order desks ready to assist you with placing orders or to ask questions about your account or activity. From Sunday afternoon through Friday evening there is a futures professional available to contact via toll free number. We offer around the clock futures trading whenever the markets are open so that you can trade when it is most convenient for you and you can take advantage of trading opportunities whenever they might arise.

Free Daily Futures Reports

ExpressFutures.com offers our valued clients daily futures reports as well as trade recommendations. Hightower and Helms Reports are available  on a daily basis. Get Fundamental as well as Technical information about the markets that most interest you.

Unlimited Real Time Futures & Options Quotes

No matter which trading platform you choose to use, you can be assured that every futures and option quote will be real-time. Whether you are viewing a chart or the DOM window, quotes will be streaming real-time. Trade from charts, price ladders or from quote boards, we give you the real-time futures and options quotes 24-hours a day.

Exchange Minimum Margins- Reduced Margins for Day Trading

When you trade with ExpressFutures.com, you can be assured that we will offer Exchange Minimum Margins. No padding the margins here! In fact, for day trading, we offer our clients significantly lower margins. (subject to change without prior notice)

Live Account Information

ExpressFutures.com offers live account updates and review. You will see in real time via the trading platforms live account balance, positions, orders, margin excess and real time profit/loss. Knowing where your account stands at any given time is what you can expect from our selection of trading platforms.

Discount Commission Rates & Low Broker Assisted Rates

ExpressFutures.com offers a competitive commission rate whether you trade online or by phone using our discount futures brokerage services. If you are interested in opening an account and would prefer to trade by phone, we can accommodate you and still provide you with a low, competitive broker assisted rate.

Talk With A Professional

One of our strengths is our courteous, knowledgeable and fast customer service. Whether you have a question about trading specifics, the markets, our trading platforms or account questions you can expect our brokers to be take the time to answer all your questions. We want you to feel comfortable if you call us. After all, we exist because of you!

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